Overcome the Barriers to ARRA Reporting and Compliance

Leading energy companies have been awarded ARRA grants for Smart Grid projects  but now face the monumental task of regulatory compliance, reporting, and grant-related  audits. With reporting deadlines rapidly approaching, many are already overextended.  Crowe Horwath LLP and PMOLink LLC have joined forces to deliver solutions that can  help companies develop the strategy, processes, systems, and capabilities they need  for heightened reporting and compliance.

When you need field-tested solutions implemented quickly and  effectively, Crowe and PMOLink can deliver.

To speak with a professional regarding ARRA Reporting and Compliance, please contact Rob Martin at (800) 401-5701 or Rob.Martin@pmolink.com.

PMOLink LLC offers unparalleled services in grant management, reporting, and compliance. This combination of expertise in audit, tax, advisory, risk, and performance and proven track record of effective project management and technology solutions can deliver the knowledge and experience energy companies need to help optimize their reporting and compliance capabilities.