Cloud Computing with PMOLink Leveraging Our Partnership with CenturyLink Cloud

Cloud computing is changing the way our clients do business by eliminating the need to purchase, set up, and maintain dedicated information technology infrastructure. Instead, data storage, processing, and access is provided by an outside technology solutions provider, representing an operational expenditure rather than a capital expenditure. At PMOLink, we are pleased to have formed a partnership with CenturyLink Cloud, a true leader in providing cloud platforms to businesses. CenturyLink Cloud is a superb platform for hosting our project and process management applications, giving our clients access to powerful computing without the hassle of on-site IT infrastructure.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

The cloud computing model offers a range of benefits to organizations, beginning with reduced costs as compared with setting up and maintaining in-house IT infrastructure. Cloud computing with CenturyLink Cloud is more reliable and secure than on-site IT solutions, and daily backups are performed for data integrity. Also, because the cloud is managed by a trusted industry leader, performance and innovation is maximized, and systems are always being updated and upgraded to remain as state of the art. Economies of scale and a global footprint ensure that CenturyLink Cloud’s offerings are the most flexible, cost-effective options available for hosting our clients’ project management software applications. Cloud-based applications enable fast and easy collaboration between field and office personnel through shared virtual infrastructure

Cloud-Based Software Demos from PMOLink

CenturyLink Cloud is also the perfect platform for our Cloud & Application Trial Sandbox, which enables us to demonstrate the performance of our software applications for our customers in a flexible, secure environment. We are able to guide customers through the evaluation of Primavera P6, Collabro Legare, and the customer’s test data source to showcase the capabilities of these applications. These demos are easy to configure and customize to ensure our customers receive the most powerful demonstration experience possible with our software solutions.