PMOLink On-Demand Scheduling Lightening Our Clients' Project Scheduling Load

Project scheduling has been a consistent source of frustration for our clients in the past few years.  Many of them tell us that it presents a daily challenge. It is well established that there are a range of issues which make project scheduling both difficult and costly. For one starters, talented project schedulers are in high demand, making them costly to hire and often difficult to retain.  Further, not all companies can afford to maintain a “bench” of capable schedulers to accommodate surges in resource need. Scheduling also generally involves the use of expensive software applications, requiring costly IT capabilities to support the necessary application environment.

Enter Our On-Demand Scheduling™ - Scheduling Made Smarter...Not Harder

At PMOLink, we are pleased to offer our On-Demand Scheduling™, a service designed to address our clients’ scheduling issues by delivering cost-effective support in creating, updating, managing, and maintaining project schedules. Our expert project schedulers are available to our clients just like remote employees, fully accessible by phone, email, and web conferencing. We are pleased to custom tailor your service level agreement (SLA) to meet your organization’s unique scheduling requirements, helping you make the most of your valuable resources while relieving your staff’s scheduling challenges.

On-Demand Scheduling Process Model

The Benefits of On-Demand Scheduling™

With our On-Demand Scheduling™, you gain access to our schedulers, available up to 24/7/365, for all of your scheduling needs, including operating your scheduling tools, producing reports, creating new schedules, setting up views, standard schedule analysis, and much more. This service removes the difficulties and expenses associated with maintaining an in-house scheduling staff, enabling you to focus on your core business.

These services also help you realize cost savings in the area of information technology. Your SLA can include software licenses and annual maintenance costs, and we will make sure to be using the most up-to-date software versions, which are fully supported by the manufacturer, with the latest tools and best practices. We secure your data in our network infrastructure, which includes a fully-redundant, fault-tolerant data center, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your information is secure, backed up on a daily basis, and accessible 24/7.

On-Demand Scheduling Services overview