New “On Demand Scheduling™” Service Announced

PMOLink announces new service offering “On Demand Scheduling™”

As a leader and industry innovator, PMOLink is committed to providing clients new and more efficient solutions to enhance workflow, improve their processes and increase results at the bottom line.

In the past few years, our clients have expressed concern and frustration with the practice of project scheduling. They have told us that they struggle with it on an almost daily basis and they have come to us for practical solutions and help.

We all know what makes project scheduling difficult and expensive:

  • Skilled schedulers are costly, in demand and can be difficult to retain
  • Few companies can afford redundant or back-up scheduling resources to cover time when key personnel are on leave or away
  • Schedulers use expensive software packages with annual maintenance fees
  • An IT environment for software, tools, and the supporting infrastructure needs to be created and maintained, driving capital investment that makes scheduling more costly

In answer to these and other concerns, PMOLink announces our new service offering On Demand Scheduling , available March 1, 2011.

On Demand Scheduling is a unique managed service specifically tailored for project scheduling.  With the launch of this cost-effective offering, PMOLink clients can greatly reduce the time and expenses associated with creating, managing, and maintaining project schedules.  At the same time, this offer provides a higher level of service available at your convenience. 

PMOLink scheduler(s) will be available to you, just like an employee who is remote from your site and you will have full access by email, phone, web-conferencing and webcam.  Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes contracted deliverables, dedicated scheduler(s) and an assigned Master Scheduler.



  • Reduce costs by as much as 50%
  • Receive and deliver project reports on a scheduled basis or on-demand
  • Reduce schedule related software costs and technology infrastructure to near zero
  • Access Qualified schedulers  – available up to 24x7x365
  • Gain 100% Uptime—PMOLink schedulers are available every day with back-up staff and redundant systems
  • PMOLink Master Schedulers have up-to-date certifications and validations

“I am very excited about launching this service.” said Geoff Hingle, PMOLink CEO.  “After discussions with our clients, they overwhelmingly endorse the service.”  One of our most prominent clients from Houston, Texas said….

“This is the solution that we have been looking for. It will allow us to focus more on our core competency, which is construction and with the money savings, I can create new jobs and hire more estimators, which means I bid more work. I simply need my project schedules maintained and reporting as I need it;  yet, I am now paying dearly for employing and contracting schedulers, whether on a full or part time basis.“

Make the most of your valuable resources and relieve the burden on Project Managers. Our Service Level Agreement will guarantee that you have access to a qualified and fully trained scheduler at your convenience. Your designated scheduler is capable of performing all normal scheduling functions: operating your scheduling tools, producing reports, creating new schedules, setting up views, standard schedule analysis, and many other tasks.  You no longer have to schedule your time around a scheduler, whether an employee or contracted.  In addition, you will have a Master Scheduler assigned to you.  

You also realize cost savings in the information technology area. Most companies have invested a substantial amount of money in the hardware and software to support project management and scheduling. Your SLA can include maintaining the software licenses and annual maintenance costs.  We will ensure that we are using the most up-to-date versions, fully supported by the manufacturer, with the latest tools and best practices, so your deliverables are fully compliant with customer needs.  Additionally, your data is secured in our network infrastructure through a fully redundant, fault-tolerant data center, which gives you the peace of mind that your information is fully backed up on a daily basis and available 24×7.  

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