Integrated Master Schedules Powerful Assimilation of All Project Data

The larger and more complex a project becomes, the more difficult it is for everyone involved to stay up to date and in the loop regarding all details of each aspect of the project. Now, organizations can make use of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful implementation of software applications to create integrated master schedules. These integrated master schedules automatically compile all up-to-date information for each program and project an organization is planning and executing so that all project stakeholders can easily access the most relevant data.


As shown in the graphic below, an integrated master schedule breaks an organization’s strategic planning efforts down by levels, from each separate project at the foundation up to the program level, the integrated milestone schedule level, and finally the top executive strategic planning level.

Organizing and integrating all project and program data in this way enables participants at all levels within an organization to find the relevant information quickly and easily.  Through use of industry leading project and program management software applications, PMOLink excels in giving clients the tools and skills needed to create and maintain their integrated master schedule.

If you are interested in requesting PMOLink’s assistance with coupling your organization’s schedule with meaningful management and reporting, we encourage you to contact us today to get the process started.