PMOLink Named a Best Place to Work 2003

Business publication ranks company in annual survey

PMOLink was named one of the best places to work in New Orleans according to recent surveys of more than 1,000 area businesses by New Orleans CityBusiness. The company was ranked #14 among the 37 that made the business newspaper’s inaugural “Best Places to Work” listing, based primarily on confidential employee surveys.

“Congratulations, and thank you to all PMOLinkers. We all share in this honor,” says Vice President and Chief Information Officer Doug Kibler. “What makes me proud of this award is that it came from the most important component of PMOLink, our employees. Without employees working to make the company better through their dedication and feedback, this honor would not have been possible.

The Best Place to Work Survey included diverse business operations with no differentiation between large and small companies. Responses from PMOLinkers, for example, were viewed on the same scale as those from large institutions, such as Ochsner Clinic Foundation.

The extensive employee survey process included a combination of telephone interviews, written questionnaires, email surveys and in-person discussions. All responses were considered confidential.

According to CityBusiness Associate Editor Michael Giusti, a highlight of the survey was its emphasis on human resources aspects of a business. Company benefits, median and starting salaries and amount of vacation time were significant factors in determining the Best Places to Work. “Making this list is no small feat,” he says. “The companies included had so much faith in the way they treat their workers that they opened their doors to the most intimate scrutiny. They chose to answer a litany of private questions and allowed CityBusiness researchers to interview their rank-and-file employees to ask how well their bosses treat them.”

The survey says …

While salary is important, CityBusiness learned, it isn’t everything. Giusti notes, “Job satisfaction is boosted by some of the small things employers do to show workers they are important. Employee recognition programs, parties and showing sensitivity to family concerns are often cited as elements that make a truly good employer.“

Giusti noted that providing access to its employees made up five percent of an employer’s final weighted score. Companies that said “no” to full access were not considered further than the first inquiry. He adds that salary and benefits comprised 20 percent of the ranking, with regional and industry medians used in calculations. “If a company paid its entry-level employees at or above the regional median pay, it scored points,” Giusti explains. “If a company’s median salary was at or above the median for its industry, it scored more points. If it offered health care, vacation or other meaningful benefits – more points.”

The most important aspect of the ranking, however, was input from employees during CityBusiness interviews.

“Making PMOLink the best place to work is simply creating an environment that allows every employee to meet their maximum potential,” Doug continues. “Focusing on our employees and their families helps ensure that they are not worrying about retirement, medical benefits, promotion and educational opportunities. They are then able to focus on exceeding our clients’ expectations.”