PMOLink Application Hosting Maximum Power, Flexibility, Innovation, and Security

At PMOLink, we are pleased to offer valuable application hosting services to our clients through our partnership with CenturyLink Cloud. Implementing Oracle Primavera P6 software in our cloud environment delivers a wide range of benefits, including lower in-house IT costs, greater support, enhanced security, and global accessibility. Cloud application hosting with CenturyLink Cloud is also highly flexible and customizable, ensuring you receive the exact level of service your organization needs at the most cost-effective price point.

Security: the CenturyLink Cloud Difference

The levels of security offered by cloud-based platforms is a widely-discussed topic lately, as high-profile cloud security breaches have been prominent in the news. Because CenturyLink Cloud is trusted to host sensitive, business-critical systems for their clients, however, security is the top concern, and it is central to every aspect of their business. This commitment to security covers everything from the physical access to CenturyLink’s infrastructure, logical access and intrusion prevention, 24/7 monitoring and incident management, and careful administration of account access. The result is that CenturyLink Cloud is among the most secure cloud platforms in the marketplace.


If you are interested in learning more about the CenturyLink Cloud’s pricing structure, we encourage you to check out their cost estimator and total costs of ownership tools. Also if you would like to schedule a demonstration of the CenturyLink Cloud’s capabilities and usability, please visit our Cloud & Application Trial Sandbox page for more information. Discover all of the benefits that cloud application hosting from PMOLink and CenturyLink Cloud will bring to you and your organization.