How It Works

The technology team at PMOLink tested several online platforms to come up with what we feel is a creative approach to maximize online instruction. Central to achieving this goal was maintenance of the ability for students to participate in quality, bi-directional interaction with the instructor and other students.

To achieve this, PMOLink will provide each student with temporary access credentials to remotely log-in to our private training lab. This means that students need not possess P6 Professional software to participate.

The course will then be taught via recurring web based conference sessions (Four 3-4 hour sessions for Fundamentals & two 3-4 hours sessions for Advanced), during which the participants will be able to share screens with the instructor and one-another as the class works through the Oracle lesson plan.  The Oracle training eKit will be digitally delivered to each student prior to the start of the course.  Each lesson is comprised of lecture and guided exercises, as well as multiple self-paced workshops.

The technology allows students to share questions with the class as a whole or, based on a student’s comfort level, afford the privacy to post questions directly to the instructor. Instructors and assistants can view all student screens at the same time, helping the instructor ensure nobody is left behind. This provides for a high-quality student experience and learning environment.

These Online Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals and Advanced courses are enrolling now and are limited to 10 participants.

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