Leave it to the scheduling pros at PMOLink Have an expert scheduler build, update, and report your project schedule for a low monthly rate.

Project scheduling presents a consistent source of frustration and expense for our clients.  More and more, contracts place strict requirements on project managers to perform schedule status updates and reporting, requiring compliant schedule reports to be submitted as a prerequisite to progress payment. Project managers are often left performing cumbersome schedule maintenance rather than interactively managing their projects. Whether on an individual project or enterprise-wide, On-Demand Scheduling from PMOLink will cut the cost and frustration of project scheduling.

Why On-Demand Scheduling?

Building on PMOLink’s 17-year history of working with project managers across all industries, we developed On-Demand Scheduling to provide clients the following benefits:

  1. Allow project managers to manage their projects rather than schedules;
  2. Offer the transparency of 3rd party schedule management;
  3. Eliminate the need for costly software and training;
  4. Eliminate the need to maintain qualified schedulers on staff;
  5. Eliminate reliance on high-priced, hourly scheduling consultants;
  6. Build in a fixed scheduling cost into project budgets;
  7. Perform Project Planning Workshop with experienced scheduler;
  8. Provide access to Master Schedulers at a fraction of the cost;
  9. Guarantee reliable project reporting through a redundant team of schedulers; and
  10. Offer secure, web-based viewing of project schedules and reports.

How It Works Scheduling Made Smarter, Not Harder

Step 1: Contact PMOLink to discuss project scope, timeline, contract schedule requirements, and reporting frequency.

Step 2: Conduct project planning workshop via web conference/telephone to develop baseline project schedule.

Step 3:  PMOLink Scheduler maintains project schedule and conducts regular project status meetings via web conference/telephone to update project activities.

Step 4:  PMOLink Scheduler provides defined reports at recurring deadlines for the duration of the project.

Focused on Your Bottom Line

On-Demand Scheduling will save you money.  Our monthly pricing structure offers a fixed rate per activity with discounted rates for larger projects.  Consolidate staffing expenses, overhead, consulting fees, and software licenses into one low monthly fee that even includes development of the baseline schedule.

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