Manage Program Oversight for T&D Operations of Electric Utility

The Challenge:

Our client was faced with many projects that lacked governing project management policies, processes and infrastructure. As a result, these business-critical projects – many state-mandated as part of the transition to competition – were marked by low customer satisfaction, low quality, late deliveries and uncontrolled spending. The situation was complicated further by an outsourced Information Technology department and a dearth of qualified project managers.

Action Taken:

Working with the Distribution & Transmission Company’s Project Management Office, PMOLink provided quality project managers to speedily execute the most pressing projects, then assisted in deploying a Project Management Office to oversee on-going projects critical to meeting the state’s regulatory requirements.


  • Program management toolsets for project planning and tracking were implemented, providing the Distribution Company with the ability to support risk, issue and documentation management.
  • A web-based collaborative process-management environment was established, defining all processes integral to managing the PMO and publishing them to the company intranet.
  • A web-deployable Deregulation Business Process Map and Integrated Schedule were created.
  • Planned and on-going projects that offered no return-on-investment were cancelled.
  • A vendor-selection methodology was implanted, saving the company more than $2 million on one project alone.