Training Schedule

  • 08/10/2020 to 08/12/2020 - Enroll
  • 08/17/2020 to 08/17/2020 - Enroll
  • 08/24/2020 to 08/26/2020 - Enroll
  • 09/08/2020 to 09/10/2020 - Enroll
  • 09/21/2020 to 09/23/2020 - Enroll
  • 10/05/2020 to 10/07/2020 - Enroll
  • 10/26/2020 to 10/28/2020 - Enroll
  • 11/02/2020 to 11/04/2020 - Enroll
  • 11/16/2020 to 11/18/2020 - Enroll
  • 11/30/2020 to 12/02/2020 - Enroll
  • 12/14/2020 to 12/16/2020 - Enroll

Primavera P6 Professional – Fundamentals – Interactive Online

Primavera P6 Professional – Fundamentals – Online Course
Course Duration: 3-days
DUs Earned: 19.5 – PMI Program Number 102

Eligible for the Best in the Business Training Guarantee

This course provides hands-on training for Primavera’s client/server based solution Participants will gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling. Scheduling techniques will be covered. This four-day course leads you through hands-on workshops that create and track an entire project to completion. All workshops and instruction use the three basic elements of project management: schedule, resource and costs.

Course Times:

Our online Fundamentals course runs in parallel with our regularly scheduled in-person training sessions held in Houston and the New Orleans area.  The course will run from 1pm to 5pm on the day 1, then 9am to 5pm on days 2 & 3 with a roughly 1 1/2 hour lunch break.

Students are encouraged to enroll as early as possible as these classes are offered on a limited seats are available.

Prerequisites: Proficient in use of the Microsoft Windows operating system and a basic understanding of project management principles.

Hardware/Software Requirements: A stable broadband internet connection is required. Students must also have access to Windows/MacOS computer with user rights to install temporary training software.  If you have any questions concerning these hardware requirements, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-401-5701.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create a project with activities and resources
  • Calculate a schedule
  • Analyze resource/cost data
  • Compare current vs. target schedules

At the completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Add a Project to the Project Structure
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Add Reference Documents
  • Add Activities
  • Add Steps and Codes to Activities
  • Create Relationships
  • Schedule a Project
  • Add Constraints
  • Organize Activities
  • Assign Resources and Costs
  • Analyze Resource/Cost Usage
  • Optimize the Schedule
  • Status the Project
  • Analyze the Updated Project

Session One:

  • Introduction and Understanding Data in P6 Professional
  • Overview and Navigation in P6
  • Creating a Project
  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Session Two:

  • Adding Activities to the Project Schedule
  • Building & Assigning Activity Calendars
  • Case Study 1 – Creating a Project
  • Creating Relationships and Schedule Logic
  • Scheduling and Critical Path Calculation
  • Assigning Constraints
  • Creating Layouts, Filters and Formatting Data
  • Defining Roles and Resources
  • Assigning Roles, Resources and Costs to Activities

Session Three:

  • Optimizing the Schedule (Timing, Resources & Costs)
  • Baselining the Project Schedule
  • Importing and Exporting Schedule Data
  • Case Study 2 – Optimizing the Project
  • Methods of Applying Progress
  • Project Schedule Updating – Execution and Control
  • Creating Reflection Projects (What-If Analysis and Remote Updating)
  • Reporting Performance
  • Final Workshop: Case Study – Project Execution and Control