PMOLink Project Planning Fostering Repeatable Process Deployment Success

At PMOLink, our extensive experience and expertise in project planning and execution enables us to assist our clients find repeatable success with creating, deploying, and tracking their processes. We understand from real-world experience that this success requires a consistent, coordinated decomposition of organizational objectives, strategies, processes, programs, and projects. Our belief is that organizations can bring their visions to reality through a diligent adherence to this governed approach. The reward of following this process methodology is more consistently-successful projects resulting in more satisfied internal and external stakeholders.


The discrepancies between an organization’s vision and what they are able to achieve is commonly referred to the “execution gap.” Many organizations tell us that, despite their best efforts, bringing their goals to reality as envisioned is exceptionally challenging to achieve on a consistent, ongoing basis. For these organizations, PMOLink offers integrated planning consulting through our Project Planning Workshops (PPWs) to address key areas for improvement and close such execution gaps.


Because each organization we serve is different, PMOLink is pleased to precisely tailor our PPWs to align the expectations of all project stakeholders comprehensively and form executable schedules. Breaking down each project to its most fundamental elements enables—key strategies, processes, programs, and projects—enables us to bring everyone within our clients’ organizations together to foster consistent execution. The results we deliver are proven to help organizations align their vision with the realities they create.