Industries Served by PMOLink Highlighting Some of Our Market Focuses and Expertise

PMOLink is capable of serving the project and process management and organizational performance needs of clients across a wide range of industries and markets. We are flexible and experienced enough to precisely adapt our methods, products, and solutions to meet the unique requirements of each organization we serve, regardless of their size or the nature of their work. Below, you will find a listing of some of the many industries we serve and information about our specific approach to each market.


Through our subsidiary, PMOLink Government Solutions, we have all of the resources and qualifications needed to serve government agencies locally, regionally, and nationally. Our experience includes a diverse portfolio of federal work that spans the basic to the complex, such as US Army Corps of Engineers capital projects, Smart Grid Grants, and managing the Gulf Coast Recovery PMO for FEMA. The project consulting engagements can be to fill out a skill gap or provide an end-to-end solution for PMO outsourcing.

Energy and Utility

PMOLink specializes in serving companies in the energy sector nationwide, helping these clients prioritize investments, make project-related decisions, and add efficient, repeatable processes to virtually any area of their operations. We are especially active in the deployment of smart grid technologies and in cybersecurity efforts, which are two important areas of focus among energy and utility companies currently. Our experience and expertise in project and process management enables us to deliver results for our customers. If you are looking for help with a turnaround or an outage and need qualified schedulers immediately, contact us and see what a difference our approach to either an on-site resource or outsourced scheduling from a remote location can make for your business.

Oil and Gas

Our headquarters in Mandeville, Louisiana is perfectly located to serve the many oil refineries located throughout the state. The complex projects associated with this industry require expert management, and PMOLink is renowned for our aptitude with oil and gas industry project management. Our association with the Louisiana State University Advanced Management Certification program brings us into contact with many oil and gas industry experts who are seeking to bring modern program management methodologies to their companies. We engage project schedulers who have experience in the industry that we are serving, so there is no learning curve to understanding the language of job functions.

Construction and Engineering

The construction and engineering industries are built on a foundation of precise project management. The increasingly complex regulatory and operational challenges associated with these fields are placing ever-increasing demands on construction and engineering project managers. PMOLink is capable of providing as-needed services including schedule conversion, estimating, risk evaluation earned-value management systems, and more in addition to full project management outsourcing. Our philosophy is that a well-maintained archive of performance is necessary either to get paid or avoid legal disputes.

Industrial and Maritime

Serving industrial and maritime clients in a wide range of industries, PMOLink delivers best practices and proven project management methodologies to help improve processes, reduce costs, avoid rework, and much more. Our expertise with these markets also enables us to help translate lessons learned with global companies for use in small businesses and leverage local methods in enterprise-level programs, focusing especially in practicality and goal-oriented process and project management. If you are trying to do more with less (space and manpower), give us a call so we can discover your needs and evaluate whether more precise scheduling and resource sharing could be keys to optimizing your operations. We have case studies in this area that can demonstrate ROI within a matter of months.